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So Many Missing Pieces

We have been taught too little. African-American history is just a piece of Black history. Slavery is what gets taught. Not much else prior to that tragedy of human trafficking. There’s little to nothing regarding their country of origin.

It’s a matter of money in some schools. It’s a question of malice in others. Even World History in advanced placement chronicles European history.

It’s fascinating, given that all of human history began in Africa.


Our Solution

We are building a learning repository, an modern day classroom filled with visual and auditory lessons. Our classes are modular and self-paced. It is a small contribution to oral history. Classes taught and told by and about the people who lived it.

Let’s start where it all began.

What We Teach

Before February:  4-part series on African history.

african woman

1. The People

From hominids to homo sapiens, Africans were farmers, warriors, gold traders and kings.

2. Art & Language

Ancient rock art, the invention of pottery and the first written language in the world.

3. Kingdoms & Empires

From Kush to Giza, Carthage to Kweneng, great empires rose from the sands.

4. Religion & Spirituality

The Ancient Orishas of Yoruba, Ra, Isis, Islam, Christianity and it’s offshoot, Santería.

science examines the past

Future Past

In the light of new technology and scientific methods, genomics, anthropology and paleontology disrupt the historical record. 

Leaders & Innovators

Men and women you won’t know – inventors, innovators, educators and scientists – who helped to build a better world.


True Dat

A whole generation of artists and musicians, chefs and pastors, politicians and activists.This is advocacy with an attitude.

 Teach A Class

People have never been more conscious of the impact of systemic racism. So many feel a sense or urgency, but don’t know what to do with it.

Holding a sign is a start, but it doesn’t feel like enough. Marching is feels good.

We need education. A chance to see what we never learned.  For that we need teachers. Presenters, innovators and activists.  Leaders.

This is our chance to create a common understanding of a common good. We can’t do it alone, but we can do it together.  You can help.

About Basic Black

We are a small startup company in Fayetteville, NC. Basic Black is one of the initiatives of The Orisha Project. Our mission is education - to  deliver courses that teach the untold truth of the Black experience from ancient times to current days. Humanity has a common origin. 

Contact information

PHONE:  (910) 745-3409 

EMAIL:  info @ theorishaproject.io

We are as paperless as possible so we will not post our mailing address.  If there's a reason to provide it, please contact us.

Basic Black Summary  (PDF)