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Basic Black is an initiative of the ThΞ Ørisha Project. Our role is to create a repository of human history starting from our origins in Africa. Ours will be an oral history project, using audio and video, with text transcripts. We base on our course model on cognitive load theory, prioritizing the processing and use of information.

What is this about?

We don’t know what we don’t know.  That’s what this is about.

There is a whole rich culture and heritage no one ever taught us. We grew up thinking we were educated, that we knew who we were. We knew where we came from, our country of origin.

We had no clue that most of us were wrong. But we’re starting to – for the first time in decades. We have a chance to build a common good.

common good (kämən ɡo͝od ): the benefit or interests of all, shared equally among the people. 

A common good is understood and shared by everyone. It is applied equally to every person. Without that common good, we remain separate and divided. We adjudicate equality based on race, ethnicity, religion.

There’s much to learn & unlearn

We wanted to focus on providing education for different ages and experiences. We must make information accessible if it’s to be helpful. It’s important to take into account how much information overload can affect our ability to learn. We also want our courses to incorporate discernment and critical thinking.

Misinformation abounds.

History Will Keep Repeating

The murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor by the police created a huge uprising. As more and more took to the streets, the opportunity for greater understand grew each day. We must take this opportunity to provide the education people need to create meaningful change.

The truth must be taught.

The Orisha ProjectThe Orisha Project is the umbrella organization for two initiatives. Our mission is to reawaken the memory of our common origins and remove the misconceptions that divide us.


Be a part of History

Basic Black is an eLearning academy providing modular history courses starting in Africa and moving forward to modern science, current events and new solutions.



Bones of the Mother is an immersive online game that allows players to experience life while black.  Using ancient hieroglyphs as guides, they travel through time to join in historical events around the world.




Credentialed Educators

We need teachers to help develop and/or review lesson plans. 

Production Partners

We are looking for professionals in audio and video to produce our classes.

Document Designers

We’re looking for people help develop materials for the webinars – slides, charts and graphics

About Basic Black

We are a small startup company in Fayetteville, NC. Basic Black is one of the initiatives of The Orisha Project. Our mission is education - to  deliver courses that teach the untold truth of the Black experience from ancient times to current days. Humanity has a common origin. 

Contact information

PHONE:  (910) 745-3409 

EMAIL:  info @

We are as paperless as possible so we will not post our mailing address.  If there's a reason to provide it, please contact us.

Basic Black Summary  (PDF)